Stephen Petropoulos

Current title:
Research Technician
Honours Bachelor of Science, Queen’s University, Canada

Stephen Petropoulos completed his undergraduate degree at Queen’s University, majoring in Life Sciences while minoring in Psychology. He is currently preparing for medical school and scored within the 87% percentile on his medical college admissions test. Stephen joined the DaCosta lab in October 2020 as a Research Technician.

23% of Canadian patients who undergo breast conserving surgery for early stage breast cancer require reoperation within 1 year to remove residual tumour cells not detected in the initial surgery. My research involves the development of a new handheld fluorescence imaging camera that can be used during breast cancer surgeries to detect tumour cells at the margins, both inside the surgical cavity and on excised specimens. This device is to be used intraoperatively in combination with the prodrug 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA) for fluorescence-guided resection of breast tumours with the goal of enhancing surgeons’ abilities to visualize breast tumors.