Dr. Emily Chen

Current title:
Research Technician III
M.D., Guangdong Medical University, China; Master’s Degree of Biochemistry, San Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences, China.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network

Dr. Emily Chen completed her master’s degree at the San Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences in China and earned a medical degree at the Guangdong Medical University in China.  She previously worked in the DaCosta Lab as a research technician I from 2008-2009 and returned as a research technician II in 2022.

I was part of the DaCosta Lab from 2009-2016, during which I helped to pioneer the first animal window chamber models, used to study the tumor microenvironment.  In re-joining the lab, I am responsible for conducting animal surgeries involving the use of our novel window chamber systems for direct microscopy imaging of human orthotopic tumors.  I will also help lead the development and validation of new intravital imaging models of cancer including solid cancers (e.g. pancreatic, brain and breast tumors) and hematological cancers (e.g. leukemia).  Our lab pioneered the use of intravital multimodal imaging of cancers to study treatment response specifically within the tumor microenvironment, which has led to important new discoveries through local, national and international collaborations.

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Email: Yonghong.Chen2@uhn.ca