Sadaf Mazhab Jafari

Current title:
Masters student

Bachelor of Science, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Disease, and Biochemistry, University of Toronto, Ontario.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network

Sadaf completed a double major in Molecular Biology, Immunology and Disease, and Biochemistry at the University of Toronto.  She joined the DaCosta Lab as a MSc student in 2024.

In the DaCosta Lab, I will be an integral part of the expansion of research collaborations involving cancer imaging as the lab broadens its cancer research program in the next few years.  I will help to develop new optical imaging techniques using our pioneering in vivo intravital imaging platforms to increase our ability to study tumor biology and the effects of emerging treatments (e.g. immune therapies on tumor response and influence on the tumor microenvironment and metastatic process).