We develop advanced molecular imaging solutions to improve diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of therapeutic response in cancer and other diseases.


Preclinical Research

The DaCosta research team develops new optical imaging tools, in the fields of intravital microscopy and molecular probes, which are used in specialized animal models of human cancers. These innovative tools enable us to visualize and quantify biological processes and therapy-induced changes in the living tumor. We capture a tumor’s dynamic microenvironment in vivo, over time, at single cell level producing award winning images.

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Clinical Research

The DaCosta lab is focused on bringing innovative solutions to clinical problems with the goal of improving patient care and outcomes. We rely on our clinical partners to frame the problems patients and clinicians experience today and look to offer effective, easily implementable solutions. The DaCosta lab is focused on developing diagnostic, treatment monitoring and guidance imaging tools for use in clinics and operating rooms.

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Clinical Trials

The DaCosta lab has completed over six PI-sponsored medical device clinical trials at UHN and collaborating centers across the Greater Toronto Area. From first-in-human prototype testing, to interventional device trials, our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience moving new devices from our translation research team through clinical testing across multiple indications with a focus on oncology and diabetic wound healing.

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Our Multidisciplinary


Meet the Team
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New publication in the Journal of Biomedical Optics
1030 639 DaCosta Lab

We are pleased to announce a recent publication, “Customizable optical tissue phantom…

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Dr. Digby presents at the Canadian Cancer Research Conference in Halifax
1023 716 DaCosta Lab

Dr. Elyse Digby presented at the Canadian Cancer Research Conference 2023, hosted…

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DaCosta Lab AML Program is awarded the PM Research Stimulus Grant!
1030 541 DaCosta Lab

The DaCosta Lab AML program was awarded the Princess Margaret Research Stimulus…

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Exploring the merits of research performance measures that comply with the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment and strategies to overcome barriers of adoption: qualitative interviews with administrators and researchers
225 225 DaCosta Lab

An advisory group at UHN applied an evidence- and consensus-based process to…

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