Dr. Shirley Wang is promoted to CRCII!

600 750 DaCosta Lab

Dr. Shirley Wang has been promoted to Clinical Research Coordinator II.  Dr. Wang has worked in the DaCosta lab since 2018, managing several clinical trials, namely the FLIGHT Phase IV trial, the ALA Breast Cancer Phase III trial, and the Wound Area Reduction trial. She has been responsible for ensuring project milestones are met, initiating new clinical trials, directly supervising research teams consisting of staff members and students, and assisting with preparation of research grant applications.  In addition, she has developed a strong working relationship with surgeons, physicians, unit and PK nurses, operating room staff, pathologists, and medical imaging team at PMCC, TGH and TWH.  Finally, she has helped to develop plans for the lab, develop concepts for new imaging projects and technology, and plan the future structural makeup of the clinical team.

Shirley has extensive experience translating prototypical imaging devices into first-in-human trials and has a strong understanding of multimodal imaging technology platforms as point-of-care interventions in cancer and wound management.   Congratulations to Shirley for this well-deserved promotion!