Optimization of the Dorsal Skinfold Window Chamber Model and Multi-Parametric Characterization of Tumor-Associated Vasculature

752 478 DaCosta Lab

Maeda A, DaCosta RS; Optimization of the dorsal skinfold window chamber model and multi-parametric characterization of tumor-associated vasculature. Intravital. 2014 Feb 4;3(1):e27935

doi: 10.4161/intv.27935


The dorsal skinfold window chamber (DSWC) model is a unique tool that enables analysis of various aspects of tumor biology and therapeutic response. Although the protocol for the murine DSWC model is standardized, certain tumors fail to grow or require a particular environment to promote growth. Given such limitations, we optimized the DSWC model for a slow-growing tumor that regresses spontaneously in the standard protocol. We further characterized the vascular network in the tumor model compared with that of non-tumor-bearing mice and observed significant differences in multiple parameters related to vascular structure and function.