Dr. Christopher Gibson successfully defends his PhD!

1030 776 DaCosta Lab

The DaCosta Lab congratulates Dr. Christopher Gibson for successfully defending his PhD on October 27, 2023! His PhD thesis, entitled “Development and clinical translation of a new handheld imaging system for 5-ALA-induced fluorescence guided breast conserving surgery,” describes the work that was done to develop an intra-breast cavity imaging system to detect residual carcinoma at the surgical margins intraoperatively. Another significant portion of his thesis included the development of a new phantom model to characterize the device’s imaging performance which, for the first time, includes (1) an adjustable depth capability using thin film phantoms; (2) a refillable chip containing user-selected fluorophores in desired quantities; and (3) phantom materials representing various tissue types. Both the imaging device and phantoms were engineered to solve real-world problems which we are excited to see the impact of in the near future.