Dr. Elyse Digby and Lyndsey De Guzman present at WMIC in Prague

773 1030 DaCosta Lab

Dr. Elyse Digby and Lyndsey De Guzman presented their poster at the World Molecular Imaging Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, on September 5-9th. The World Molecular Imaging Congress invites professionals, researchers, and industry leaders from around the world who are dedicated to advancing the field of molecular imaging and offers a unique platform for attendees to exchange ideas, present the latest findings, and engage in fruitful discussions on the most recent advancements and challenges in molecular imaging.

Two members of our team, Dr. Elyse Digby and Lyndsey De Guzman, presented their poster, entitled “Using Intravital Fluorescence Imaging to Understand the Relationship Between Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Remodeled Bone Marrow Hypoxia and Vasculature, and Immune Cells in the Femur Bone of In Vivo Mice Models.”  Their findings garnered much interest and were well received. In addition, Elyse and Lyndsey attended keynote speeches, scientific sessions, and workshops.  Finally, they took the opportunity to network with other renowned scientists in the field.

Elyse and Lyndsey enjoyed this year’s congress and look forward to future opportunities to present their study and contribute to the advancement of molecular imaging.