The Allan Slaight Breakthrough Fund

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Dr. DaCosta and other scientists discuss the opportunities for scientific breakthrough at PMCC as a result of the historic donation of $50 million in honour of the late Canadian philanthropist, Allan Slaight.

Allan Slaight

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation announced a historic $50 million gift for cancer research in honour of the late Allan Slaight, a Canadian broadcast mogul, radio pioneer and visionary philanthropist.  This donation will establish the Allan Slaight Breakthrough Fund, generously provided by La Fondation Emmanuelle Gattuso and The Slaight Family Foundation. 

Along with other scientists at PMCC, Dr. DaCosta discusses how the Allan Slaight Breakthrough Fund will provide scientists and research staff with the unprecedented opportunity to investigate uncharted paths and to develop new collaborations, which will potentially lead to new discoveries and advancements in cancer research.

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation “50 Million More Reasons for Hope”:

Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation press release:

The DaCosta lab wishes to sincerely thank the Gattuso and Slaight families for their continued generous support for our research. We are highly motivated by donations to our lab’s cancer research program through the link to our website (every dollar counts!) or to the broader PMCC research enterprise. We also wish to thank the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation for their incredible support and leadership that has helped make PMCC the “go-to” for cancer research and care.