Welcome New Graduate Student!

814 1030 DaCosta Lab

We are excited to welcome a new graduate student, Sadaf Mazhab Jafari, to our team!

Sadaf completed a double major in Molecular Biology, Immunology and Disease, and Biochemistry at the University of Toronto and graduated with an impressive GPA.  Sadaf has extensive research experience and has logged over 1000 hours of laboratory benchtop work.  She has developed skills in sample preparation for single cell and single nucleus RNA sequencing, plating and stimulating immune cell activity, PBMC isolation, western blotting, differential centrifugation, PCR, and so forth.

Sadaf will be earning her M.Sc degree as part of the DaCosta lab.  Since the majority of her undergraduate research experience was focused on investigating the role of inflammatory and non-inflammatory macrophages and T cells in mouse liver regeneration, she will be bringing her expertise in immunology to her Masters project.  The aim of her project is to investigate the immune microenvironment of the bone marrow as AML progresses.

We are very happy to have Sadaf as part of the lab and we are excited to see what she will discover as part of her Masters project and contribute to AML research!